Can Your Cigar Lighter Do This?

There are a million and one different cigar lighters out there. Some work better than others, and many come with a bunch of gimmicky features that don’t really add much to the functionality. So most cigar lovers end up looking for a quality lighter that does a decent job. And that’s something I’m always looking for too. So when I started using Dissim lighters, I was intrigued.

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A Tale of Two Lighters

Dissim makes two styles of lighters. One is a soft flame, which actually comes in a bunch of colors. The other is a 2-torch flame, which sadly only comes in one color as I’m writing this (other colors may be on the horizon). Both lighter styles come with the same easy to grip body.

Each one has a finger hole in the bottom, which I saw as a turn off when I first learned about these lighters. But once I got one in my hand, I found it irresistibly fun to fidget with. But that doesn’t exactly make this a good lighter. There are so many things that make a good lighter… well, good.

Dissim Has An Edge

Dissim lighters have a few features that are pretty compelling for any cigar and/or pipe lover. They list these on their website:

  • Low temperature candle flame (soft flame)
  • Angled 2-torch flame configuration (torch flame)
  • Patent-pending circle grip
  • Wind resistant (Torch only)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Butane refillable lighter with a fuel window 
  • Adjustable flame
  • Angled flame port 
  • High-quality trigger ignition 
  • Lighters ship without fuel. 

I found Dissim’s list of accolades to be pretty much true. The only thing that didn’t pan out for me was the wind resistance of the soft flame, which wasn’t able to withstand even the lightest breath. But I’m not entirely sure that was the goal. The torch flame, on the other hand, had excellent wind resistance. I had a much harder time blowing the flame out with that one.

The rest of the lighter’s functionality was also pretty high quality. The lighters come with a large flame adjustment wheel that makes it easy to turn the flame all the way down to ‘Silent Night’ status, or all the way up to ‘burn down your friends guest house’ status.

The large fuel window on the side of the lighter also works great. Somehow, the window makes the fuel look red inside the lighter. But more importantly, it’s easy to tell exactly how much fuel you have. I found that when I filled this lighter, I was able to light and touch up between 7-10 cigars before having to refill it again.

The angled flame port sounded like an erroneous feature to me, until I started using it. It make the lighter simpler to use. It’s not like I was getting Carpel Tunnel while using my other lighters, but this one was just more comfortable to use with the flame angled out.

But that has just been my experience with these lighters. What’s your first impression as I show them to you? And what is most important to you in a cigar or pipe lighter. Drop a comment down below!

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  1. Hi Tim! Great video as usual. I gotta say I’m intrigued by that lighter! I have a preffered lighter that I’ve been using for years but it has one major downside: portability! My Jetline lighters have 4 jets, a huge window to see how much fuel is left, and doubles as a stand if I need to set my stick down…. but it’s freaking huge! I mean, not pocket friendly at all. I’ll definitely be heading over to to order one of those to take with me on the go.