Best Beginner Cigars of 2021

There are few things as exciting as sinking your teeth into an exciting new hobby like cigars. There’s so much good stuff to try, but sometimes just picking your first few cigars out can be overwhelming. So I want to take you through some cigars that are perfect for kicking the tires and lighting the fires.

I. Romeo Y Julieta Connecticut Nicaragua

This newer Romeo blend features a Connecticut Shade wrapper from Nicaragua. This is a very rare wapper as you don’t see a lot of this coming out of Nicaragua. The origin of this cigars wrapper gives it a more medium strength flavor with a smooth yet stout profile.

II. Aganorsa Leaf Connecticut

Aganorsa Leaf is one of the world’s premier producers of cigar tobacco. Cigar companies all over want to use their high quality leaf. And Aganorsa saves the best of the best for their own cigars, like the Aganorsa Leaf Connecticut. This box pressed cigar offers all the delicious trappings of a connecticut flavor along with a slight punch of nicaraguan flavor.

III. E.P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut

If you want to pick up a good cigar, it should come from the hands of a blender who knows real quality, like Ernesto Perez Carrillo for instance. His New Wave Connecticut is a traditional shade blend. But it brings out an older style of Connecticut blend where there’s a smoother creamier taste. This has become a modern day classic of a shade blend.

IV. Espinosa 601 Black

Espinosa’s 601 Black is a bit of a bump up from the strength with Erik Espinosa’s characteristic punchy flavor. This Connecticut cigar is sure to offer some pepper, while still pumping out smooth creamy Connecticut Shade Flavor.

V. Asylum 13 Connecticut

Asylum is traditionally a big ring gauge brand. People know these cigars for their 7×70 mammoth sizes. But they have something figured out, because people love Asylum cigars of all sizes. This shade cigar also offers an earthier flavor as it uses high end Honduran tobaccos.

VI. Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff Connecticut

Robert Caldwell has made a name for himself in the cigar world with blends that often use aged Dominican tobaccos. The Blind Man’s bluff is a 3 country blend that includes Dominican leaf in the filler, while still delivering on explosive creamy shade flavor.

Comment Question: What are your top beginner cigar recommendations?

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  1. Great list—thank you! Just placed my first order and picked up a few based upon these recommendations since I’m getting back into cigars for the first time since college over 30 years ago. Of course, back then on a student’s budget, cost was the primary factor in choosing a cigar. One question—I know cigars are reviewed in thirds, but what about halves? I seem to enjoy the first half, but find the second half less enjoyable in terms of flavor and bitterness. Any suggestions?