Best 30 Minute Cigars Of 2021 (EXTENDED)

Two of the most important commodities in any person’s life are time and money. These days, pretty much everyone is trying to find ways to save more of these two things. Fortunately, the cigar world has got you covered when it comes to smaller cigars that are more affordable than your everyday cigar, and smoke in about 30 minutes or so! So today, I want to take you through 10 tasty small cigars that are easy on the wallet and quicker than a fancy date!

The Davidoff Primeros use Davidoff’s world renowned tobacco in a 4 1/8 x 34 vitola which offers the kind of refined flavor that Davidoff has become known for. Plus, you can take a tin of 6 of these small cigars for $31.80, which means you’re paying $5.30 for a small cigar that would cost $20.00+ plus in larger sizes. Light one of these up to get an exceptional complexity from such a small cigar.

Nick Perdomo has taken to barrel fermenting his tobacco to produce a line called Habano Bourbon Barrel Aged Cigars. These 4×38 shorties bring the refined flavor of the HBBA line to a 30 minute vitola that packs a punch. Get a mild but punchy profile in the Connecticut, and brace yourself for a powerful kick of pepper with the corojo wrapper.

Plus, at $4.00 per cigar, you’ll pay about half the price of a Robusto size for a blend that provides the same flavor and a comparable smoking time!

Warfighter Cigars are the ‘blended by vets for vets’ cigars. They take it one step beyond the noble veteran owned cigar company by making blends that serve the needs of the everyday soldier. The Field line offers a milder, smoother, lower nicotine experience for those moments in the field when you have to have your wits about your. Then the Garrison line has a bit more kick for those evenings when you don’t have to be as alert.

These 4×44 Minutmen offer the same level of premium cigar flavor as their full sized siblings, but they come in at $6.50 each. They’re a little larger than some of the other small cigars on this list, so you will find that these will be closer to a 40 minute smoke.

Oliva Cigars is one of the most trusted brands in the cigar world today. They’re known for a reliable matchup of affordable pricing and stellar flavor. Among their massive catalog of premium blends, the Serie O and Serie G are two of the most popular.

These 4×38 handmade cigars offer two very different experiences. The Serie O comes with a sweet habano wrapper, while the Serie G uses an authentic African Cameroon wrapper leaf. And in about 30 minutes you can enjoy that flavor with these cigarillos for about $3.00 per cigar!

Camacho’s Corojo is the cigar industry’s original ‘all Corojo’ blend. That means it uses a spicy Corojo seed leaf for wrapper, binder, and filler, which gives it a powerful kick of punchy flavor. And it’s sibling, the Connecticut, isn’t too tame itself.

Light into these 4×32 cigars for about 30 minutes of Camacho’s famous bold flavor in a small package.

This is not the first time I’ve talked about the Nestico in a video, but this one is special. It’s grown in certified organic feilds with some of the best soil Nicaragua has to offer.

This 4.5×36 size produces a medium strength flavor with notes of nuts, fruits, and caramel that will tempt your tastebuds a little more with each draw.

It also happens to be the most affordable cigar in Plasencia’s catalog at $4.20 per cigar! You won’t regret lighting one of these up on just about any occassion.

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  1. The Plasencias are great. Good flavor and construction, and I have yet to smoke one where I had to fix a bad burn. Those are my go-to for a quick cigar. Both Warfighters good too and I like to keep a couple on hand. My brother likes to keep a tin of Cohiba Reds on hand for a smoke.

    One additional point about smaller cigars, whenever you want to offer a cigar to someone new, there’s always the worry that they’ll get bored half-way through and end up wasting an expensive cigar. Having some of these on hand is great way to not only have a cheaper option to offer someone, but these are small enough that they will probably end up being finished.