Become Dad’s Favorite: 2023 Father’s Day Cigar Gift Guide

Just because you’ve grown up and now you’re an adult child to your parents, doesn’t mean that you’re not still Daddy’s little angel. And this year, if you want to crush your siblings and earn dad’s ultimate love then you’ll want to pick the perfect gift for him. Even if your Dad already has everything, you can be assured he doesn’t have enough cigars. In this video, I’ll take you through some top gift ideas for your cigar smoking dad. Here are the top items that’ll make his Father’s Day the best he’s ever had.

Cigar Samplers

If you want the perfect gift, but don’t really know where to start, you’re sure to knock it out of the park with a quality cigar sampler. Nearly every cigar maker has a sampler of some sort. They typically come with a variety of cigars with different flavors and strengths. And you’ll almost always save a few extra dollars when you shop one of these quick and easy items.

My Father Cigars

Aside from making some of the most popular cigars on the market, My Father Cigars are basically tailored to be the perfect Father’s Day gift. The premium blends of the Garcia family come with some of the best tobaccos available, which has made them a smash hit with cigar smokers everywhere. They make a lot of different cigars, but there are no duds in their lineup. You’re sure to strike gold with a few single cigars, a 5-pack, or even a whole box.

DarkFire Cedar Spills

If your Dad is a perfectionist, then he’ll want the best out of every cigar he lights up. DarkFire Cedar Spills are best way to help him get a perfect light on his favorite cigars. Unlike matches and torch lighters (which have been accused of tainting the flavor of a cigar at light up), cedar spills offer the cleanest possible light for every cigar.

Lighters & Cutters

Cigars come and go, but a good lighter and cutter will last a long time. If you’re looking to up your Dad’s cigar game, you might think about a good lighter/cutter combo. In fact, some of these lighters even have a punch cutter built right in. These items will be the perfect upgrade to every cigar he smokes!

Oliva Melanio No. 4

A box of cigars is sorta like the apex of cigar gifts. But boxes typically come with 20 cigars and they can get pretty pricy. That’s why I LOVE 10 count boxes like the Oliva Serie V Melanio. These blends come in a bunch of different sizes, and they’re the perfect way to step up your gift giving game, and avoid breaking the bank all at the same time.

Cigar Bundles like Drew Estate Factory Smokes

Bundled Cigars are an important staple for A LOT of cigar smoking Dads. They’re an affordable way to stock the ‘ol humidor on a budget. These cigars are as easy to enjoy on a sunny weekend afternoon by the pool as they are to light up when you’re doing yard work or walking the dog. If your dad is the type of guy who is looking to make every dollar count, it’s a pretty good bet that a bundle of cigars is the perfect gift for him.

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