Audew 150 Count Thermoelectric Humidor Review

Audew has been growing in popularity like crazy these days. It seems like I’m hearing more and more about them from Cigars Daily customs each week. So I thought I’d take this 150 count Audew Humidor for a spin to see what all the buzz is about. Let’s have a look inside.

The below code is good for audew 150 count humidors when you buy them from Audew on amazon.
30% discount code: AUDEWJC23C17

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Comment (134)

  1. This looks like exactly what I need. Realistically it will hold 100 sticks easily from other reviews I’ve read. I also read that this company designed this specifically for cigars…not a retro-fit wineador. Amazon doesn’t have any right now but it looks like they will by the end of the week.
    That for a great review.

  2. FYI – Your discount code for getting this from Audew on Amazon is not valid.

    the humidor will be ready to purchase on Amazon on March 26. they are accepting pre-orders…

    Should I pre-order it or will the discount code work after they get them in? I can wait.

    It costs $20 more if you order directly from Audew ($219.79 and free shipping).

  3. Okay, I bought the Audew 150 from Amazon. It arrived in 4 days. I got it based on your review and it was rated the #1 humidor to on several review websites because of it design and price. On Friday I set it up and put is some 85% smaller Boveda packs and I bought a small remote sensor to monitor temperature and humidity. It was only $15, it’s called GOVEE, yes, Amazon. It is just bluetooth not wifi but its still the pandemic and I’m 70 so I don’t go anywhere.
    Today is day 3 of the seasoning process. I have the temperature set at 70 and the humidity has reached 73.9% and I didn’t have to open the door to find out. Living in Las Vegas with the summer heat and low humidity I am counting on my new Thermoelectric Cigar Cabinet (the official name) to keep my stick cool and humidified. As an experiment yesterday when the humidity in my house was 10% and the temp 75 I opened the door as long as it might take me to choose a cigar. The humidity dropped from 70% to 60% and the temp only went up a few degrees. After closing the door, it took only 5 minutes for the humidity to get back up to 70%.
    I say this is a great product and thanks to Tim, I didn’t even know about it until I started watching CIGARSDAILYPLUS.COM !!!!!