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The Asylum 13 Connecticut is a surprisingly consistent and flavor blend. It has a mild profile with brilliant notes of cedar, citrus, vanilla, and a honey sweetness. This is, in my mind, a perfect cigar to give to a new cigar smoker, or for the aficionado who truly appreciates mild cigars!

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I have reviewed a lot of Connecticut blends on this channel. After looking so closely at so many of them, it’s hard for any shade blend to stand apart. And the blend for the Asylum Connecticut doesn’t really sound too exciting when you read it off a piece of paper. So my question is, can this Connecticut present anything that will set it apart or even help it pull ahead of other shade blends on the market? And the only way to find out is with a cut and a light.

Asylum 13Connecticut
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Strength: Mild
Size: 5×50, Robusto
Price: $6.76

Light Up

The opening profile on this shade blend isn’t terribly exotic, but it’s nice. The flavor is very Cedar forward with a nice citrus note and some sweetness form the wrapper. It’s a profile that’s not altogether different than what I’ve gotten in a lot of other cigars. But we’re relatively early on in the smoke, so there’s plenty of time for things to come to life in the first third.

First Third

Construction on this mostly Honduran blend has been nearly flawless. The draw, burn, and ash have all been exemplary. Even when I’m really, there’s nothing significant to pick on with this blend, other than that sort of ordinary light up profile.

Fortunately, the flavor has come to life a lot more. In addition to the cedar and citrus that were present at light up, I’m also getting a nice vanilla note, which had added a whole new dimension to the flavor. And the sweetness from the wrapper has even worked its way into a honey type sweetness, which is very welcome.

REGARDING WRAPPER SWEETNESS: A good cigar wrapper leaf should have a nice and natural sweetness to it. As I smoke through different cigars, I’ve noticed that there are a few different types of sweetness that come from cigar wrapper leaves – raisin, vanilla, honey, and ordinary sweet (no distinction). As I smoke a cigar, I’m always looking for wrapper sweetness. When I find it I start searching for what type of sweetness that is.

Second Third

I am just about at the fifty yard line with this bright blend and it dropped a large ash right in my lap (where most cigar ashes will end up for a lot of cigar smokers). I don’t mind it too much because flavor has been great at this mid-stick point. This is where I’m finding the most balance and brilliance of flavor to this point. Even though this hasn’t been a wildly exotic flavor, I’m really pleased with the quality of flavor I’ve gotten out of this blend!

Final Third

Here at the end, I’m blown away. The final third of the Asylum 13 Connecticut is giving a complete flavor profile with very little lacking. Ordinarily, this is where I find flavor start to fall away. But there’s still a very complete profile with cedar, citrus, vanilla, and even some of the honey sweetness! That’s impressive and rare, even for a Connecticut Shade cigar!

I have been a big fan of this blend, but what really matters is what you think about it, so please drop a comment down below with your thoughts on it, because we’ll all learn better when we learn together!

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