Alec & Bradley Gatekeeper Cigar Review

Alec Bradley Gatekeeper Robusto (5x50)


Tim's Rating88
Reader Rating: ( 3 votes ) 48

The Gatekeeper is the newest blend from second-generation cigar makers Alec & Bradley Rubin. These two have been getting their feet wet following in the footsteps of their father Alan Rubin. Let’s see if the boys have what it takes to keep up with the reputation of their old man.

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  1. The Gatekeeper is probably my least favorite Alec & Bradley cigar. However, considering how good this brand is, that does NOT mean it is a bad cigar. I think it is my least favorite only because my enjoyment has been inconsistent. One day, I really like it. Another day I am disappointed. It could be the environment or it could be consistency in manufacturing. I just don’t know. What I do know is that I have always had a consistent enjoyment of the Kintsugi.