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The Alec & Bradley Kintsugi is a medium strength blend with a Habano wrapper and notes of almonds, cinnamon, oak, coffee, raisins, spice, pepper, and sweetness. Plus, this cigar comes to life with flavor immediately at light up, and gets even better from there.

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Alec & Bradley Rubin have followed in their Dad’s footsteps as the second generation of cigar makers in their family. And it seems like the boys have a knack for it because their new blends, like the Kintsugi, have been receiving rave reviews. Now it’s time to take the Kintsugi for a spin to see what it truly has to offer. My question is – can this new blend offer the kind of flavor that Alec & Bradley fans have come to expect? And the only way to find out is with a cut and a light!

Alec & BradleyKintsugi
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder:Honduras & Nicaragua
Filler:Honduras & Nicaragua
Size: 5×50, Robusto

Light Up

True to form for Alec & Bradley, this blend kicks off with some powerful and punchy flavor. The first puffs of the Kintsugi present powerful pepper and spice. Black Pepper rolls through the retrohale, while spice hits on the back of the throat. Surprisingly, there’s a nice intro flavor profile here that includes notes of cinnamon, oak, and almonds. It’s an all around impressive kickoff here. It’s not typical to find this much going on with flavor so early in the cigar. Quality like this is means props are owed to Alec, Bradley, and the rollers at the Raices Cubanas Cigar Factory.

First Third

Like a lot of cigars today, this one comes covered with substantial cigar rings covering more than a third of the body of the cigar. I even find myself having to remove the secondary band before I reach the second third. This doesn’t really count for or against the cigar’s score, but it’s notable as more and more cigar makers are moving to bigger bands like these.

The first third hasn’t flavor profile seen much development. It’s no big surprise here, as the light up had so much flavor. One small adjustment to that intro profile is a raisin sweetness that has joined the mix. Through the first third, that sweetness sits in the background. Again, this is not a significant surprise as the profile has so much pepper and spice. It seems like either pepper or spice will have to fall away a little bit for that sweetness to come out. But the profile, as it sits, is quality.

Second Third

If you’re looking for a cigar with a wildly transitionary flavor profile, this one might not ring your bell. It does, however, have consistent flavor in spades. And the second third hasn’t been completely uneventful. Roasted coffee joins in as I puff through the halfway point. And that roasted coffee carries through to the finish. That’s something that gives any cigar an extra level of flavor excellence. A cigar can leave a bad taste in your mouth, or it can leave a nice finish like the Kintsugi.

Final Third

This part might be the most impressive part of the cigar to this point. While most cigars lose lots of flavor in the final third, the Kintsugi holds onto quite a bit of the profile. Notes of roasted coffee, cinnamon, and oak are still a part of the flavor. Normally just one or two notes will hang around in the final third. But this blend seems to offer a little more than average. At the same time, the cigar has heated up a bit. The cigar burns my fingers, while the smoke burns my tongue. This is something I try to avoid while I’m smoking, I have a sneaky suspicion that smoking a hot cigar would be worse (health-wise) than smoking a cigar of a more normal temperature.

Overall, the Kintsugi was a great experience. This blend offers consistent flavor with some very nice notes, and the classic punchy flavor that Alec & Bradley are becoming known for.

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  1. I really enjoyed the Kintsugi, even after the hype. I am a little biased as my humi is about half Rubin family cigars. But I have found some similar results as yours, the two things I didn’t care for was the hot burn at the end, also the huge cigar band was a little annoying. Overall I gave it a 90 ( although my vote didn’t reflect that) . Thanks for your review Tim.

  2. As confusing as the similar names can be, between Alec Bradley and Alec & Bradley, this blend for me was lightyears better than the Alec Bradley blends I’ve had, and shows the difference between their palates and their dad’s palate. I did get some washed out flavors from overheating towards the end, but still an excellent and balanced stick.