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The Aganorsa Leaf Rare Leaf is a regular production cigar that utilizes rare leaves to provide a robust medium strength flavor. The smoke explodes with notes of almonds, earth, grass, hay, orange peel, graham cracker, pepper, and a rasin sweetness. This is the perfect cigar for anyone who wants to see what a limited edition type flavor tastes like, without waiting for an actual limited release.

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There are A LOT of limited edition cigars that hit cigar shop shelves each year. But there are not too many quite like the Aganorsa Leaf Rare Leaf Reserve. This is a regular production cigar that uses rare leaves from Aganorsa’s famous farms. The blend is a compilation of Criollo ’98 and Corojo ’99 binders and fillers. But can this ‘rare’ everyday blend offer the flavor the people have come to expect from the rare leaves of limited edition cigars? The only way to find. out is with a cut and a light!

Aganorsa LeafRare Leaf Reserve
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Criollo ’98 & Criollo ’98 from Nicaragua
Filler: Corojo ’99 & Criollo ’98 from Nicaragua
Size:5.25×52, Robusto
Price: $11.00

Light Up

The first thing that stands out about the Rare Leaf Reserve is the weight of the actual cigar. It feels substantial in the hand. I think there’s something about the weight that communicates quality. but to be fair, I’ve smoked and loved other cigars that haven’t been as weighty. It’s also covered in an oily wrapper leaf that is a glossy milk chocolate brown. All around a quality presentation for look and feel at the outset.

The first few puffs hit with some pepper and sweetness on the retrohale (which I weirdly referred to as the ‘profile’ in the video). I don’t often find a combination of sweetness and pepper on the retrohale, so I appreciate it when I do find those two together. Almonds, grass, and hay all open up on the tongue as an introductory profile.

First Third

After about an inch of smoking, a complete change in flavor profile occurs. The pepper from light up has all but disappeared, as has the grass and hay. Now the flavor is more nutty. What started out as just almonds, is now almonds and… nuttiness. This is another interesting feature of this flavor. The combination of almonds and nuttiness mixes with earthiness to create a smoother medium strength profile that’s balanced. This kind of flavor is much more my speed.

However, a crack in the wrapper has me worried in the first third. Now I’m watching carefully to see how that develops. It has the chance to really impact the experience as I head into the second third.

Second Third

Fortunately, that cracked wrapper didn’t impact the smoke too terribly. I was able to smoke past it without further incedent. And I’m glad about this because the flavor really opened up in the second third with a nice transition. In addition to the first thrid profile, brilliant notes of graham cracker and orange peel have joined the mix to create a completely rounded out flavor that’s very nice. This is the kind of flavor I would expect from a cigar that is in the ‘rare’ category.

Final Third

This is the only portion of the cigar that has behaved normally. As I draw to a close on the Rare Leaf, much of the flavor profile drops away, and what’s left is roasted almonds. Even the smoke is getting hot to the tongue. And I’m getting a bit of a nicotine buzz, but this isn’t something that happened until about the last inch or so of the cigar. Through and through, this was a smooth smoking experience with a punchy intro. It’s certainly a profile that I can’t get just anywhere else, and easily qualifies as a ‘rare’ experience.

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  1. Tim ,
    Impression of the cigar: complex, flavorful, smooth, creamy, well-balanced
    I am impressed and It takes a lot to impress me. The Craftsmanship is impeccable , wrapper is wonderful, well packed , The ash is not flaky , The burn is very even . Flavor level and strength level is medium. Let me add the retrohale is important to this cigar as it practically doubles the amount of flavor you will enjoy. Personally I do not Retro every cigar but I highly recommend this one . The smooth nature and the flavors inside on the entire group of tobaccos is totally retro-able . The consistency is remarkable.

    I bought the Aganorsa experience sampler and this was a fine choice