4 Lessons That Made Cigars Daily What It Is Today

All of you, in the Cigars Daily Nation, have been so amazing over the last four years. And certainly the success of Cigars Daily has been do largely to all of your support. But there are other things that a business needs to run correctly and provide good service. The good news for Cigars Daily is that I have my greatest business resource in my office with me everyday – my Father-In-Law, Jim Campbell. Let me take you through some big lessons I have learned from him about running a growing business.

In This Video:

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The Filthy Viking is one of our most popular cigars by a country mile. This is the cigar that Tim proudly offers as his own blend. It was crafted entirely for a smooth, sweet, creamy experience without any significant strength, pepper, or spice. It is the ONLY cigar we have found anywhere that people say has a rich creamy butter flavor note.

American Viking Filthy Viking
Size: 6×52
StrengthMild – Medium
Price: $8.50
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  1. Closest experience I’ve had to to what I see there was a job from ’85 to ’90 that started at 8:00 a.m. and everyone else was gone by 5:00 and I was still there till 1:00 in the morning smoking cigarettes at my desk. Could have had a bottle of whiskey in a drawer the whole time but the thought never occurred to me and if it had, I don’t think I’d have gotten as much done…