2022 Cigars Daily Studio Tour

In the past four and a half years, Cigars Daily has put out over 1000 videos on cigars. And the process has been one hell of a ride. At this point, we’re in our third studio. And this one was set up just the way we wanted it. So let me take you inside the room to see exactly how it’s setup, and how we work to make the best damn cigar content online.

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  1. I have to say, I admire your strength in sticking to what you believe in.
    From the subtle things you’ve tried to keep in your structure from day 1, to the controversial Thin Blue Line in the background. You’ve found a way to hang onto your heritage and progress as needed to suit the times and demand.
    I am very new to premium cigars and definitely lacking in the experience to make any type of comment directed towards any particular brand. But, I will say that, after watching several of your videos, I will be purchasing from your company. The amount of passion you put into your productions and the ever present drive that you display, are only part of what compels me to make that statement. This platform you have adopted definitely gives the buyer (from my perspective) a much more comfortable feeling when looking for a trustworthy and reputable source for their purchase.
    Thank you for everything you guys are doing.
    Keep it up! It’s working!!

    Also, on a side note, for those of us who have founded a love for premium cigars (and would really like to be able to indulge more frequently), can you do another video showcasing the long filler cigars that would fall within the budget of us less financially fortunate folks?

    God bless all of you guys.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do next.